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CEO of Dvekmr Official Pvt Ltd
Dave Kumar

          • Dave Kumar (born on 10th Feb), also known as Dvekmr, is an youtuber, application and web developer and promotor, animator and well-known public figure. On 3rd July 2017, he established his new business with the name "Dvekmr Official Pvt Ltd".

He has a significant following in Asia and the Indian diaspora worldwide. He has been awarded as Best Online Youth Motivator of 2017. 

He began his career with Youtube Channel "Dave Kumar" and then he created a new brand channel "Dvekmr Official Pvt Ltd" and now he started growing up his followers on each and every social sites and apps. 

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Bpc Chatzzz

Over 25,000 daily active users but sold.

Dk Fb App

Over 85,000 daily acitve users.

Inamorato-Instant Messaging App

Over 14,000 daily active users.